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Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Visiplex offers an easy-to-install wireless resident call system specifically designed for assisted living centers, senior facilities, and nursing homes. Using wireless pull cord transmitters, pendants, and portable alert devices, residents can initiate a call to caregivers, nurses, or staff members with exact name and location information. When a call is answered, a “cancel call” can be initiated to provide a complete record of each call event and response times.

Visiplex offers easy-to-install wireless nurse call solutions specifically designed for nursing homes, assisted living centers, and senior facilities to help improve productivity and response times.

Wireless Nurse Call System

The Visiplex standard wireless nurse call system includes a variety of wireless portable and wall-mounted panic button transmitters that expands the connectivity level between resident rooms and facility staff members. Calls from resident rooms can be sent directly to a caregiver’s pager, activate corridor lights, and be monitored at a central office/nurse station using wireless LED message boards.
Nurse Call System.png

Expandable Wireless Nurse Call System

The Visiplex VS4820 base station can monitor wireless wall-mounted and wearable panic buttons, record every button activation, and initiate a pre-programmed paging event associated with that specific button. The VS4820 pre-programmed events can include activating wireless corridor lights, 2-way intercom stations, SMS text notifications, and text messaging to LED message boards.
Intercom Stations.png

Please fill out the DEMO request form so that a Visiplex representative can reach out to you to schedule an online video conferencing session. You will be able to see the products ‘live in action’ and be presented with all possible system configurations to match your specific needs.

Wireless Nurse Call Solutions to Improve Efficiency and Safety

Wireless, easy to install nurse call solution regardless of facility size

Wireless two-way voice communications from resident rooms to a nurse station

Wireless supervised corridor lights for improved visual room identification

Easy system expansion, relocation and cost-effective wireless installation

Variety of wall-mounted and wearable/portable panic buttons

Add, Replace or Upgrade your existing Nurse Call System

Replace an old, non-functioning nurse call system without running wires

Add wireless corridor lights to improve visual room identification

Upgrade your current nurse call system to include two-way intercom communication

Add SMS text notifications for improved efficiency

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