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RQI Go Program

In partnership with 2nd City CPR, we offer the LifeSafety365 RQI Go Program. 

RQI-P GO Simulation Station

The RQI-P GO Simulation Station, designed specifically for mobile use, enables healthcare systems to complete CPR skills on-the-go.  This mobile version can be utilized on the floor or a table, incorporating the identical technology found in its stationary counterpart.

The RQI-P GO Simulation Station is designed to meet three primary customer profiles:

  • Freestanding locations within a healthcare system that would be considered “off the main campus,” including large clinics, stand-alone emergency rooms, surgical centers, or other similar facilities.

  • Prehospital and public safety organizations with locations that may be distributed across a city or county.

  • Critical access hospitals that require staff to travel to a training center or similar off-campus location for resuscitation training.

RQI GO Lease Program

Healthcare administrator can lease the RQI-P Go Simulation Station for 8, 12, or 24 hours.  Save time, money, and no headaches from trying to wrangle up coverage. 

STEP 1.  Purchase the number of HeartCode course access you will need for you team enroll and complete their online portion.  Give them a deadline for completion. 

STEP 2.  Lease and schedule the the RQI-P for the number of hours needed for your team to complete their skills test during their shift. 

STEP 3. Upon completion the healthcare provide will  be issued a HeartCode Complete certification card.  Valid for two years


Course options and price per person:

HeartCode Complete BLS @ $65

HeartCode Complete ACLS @ $225

HeartCode Complete PALS @ $250

Lease Rates:

8 hrs. @ $65 per hour = $520

12 hrs. @ $55 per hour = $680

24 hrs. @ $45 per hours = $840

Drop Off
/Pick Up

Send us your contact information to request a demo or to reserve a RQI-Go Unit for your team.

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