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House of Worship

Make sure your place of worship is ready to handle life-threatening events. It is important to take steps to prepare for the potential of such incidents in order to ensure the safety of your staff, volunteers, and congregation at all times.   While all churches, businesses, and organizations should have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place that provides guidelines for dealing with emergency incidents, there is no substitute for having live scenario experience in knowing what to do and how to quickly follow your EAP. 


Lifesafety365 has a host of programs to ensure your staff and congregation are prepared to respond.  Our training will give your church leaders, volunteers, and congregation the skills necessary to do that. 

CPR AED and First Aid Certification Courses

House of Worship usually has a congregation that consists of a flock of all ages which can pose a host of medical challenges and health concerns, church family value and pride themselves on taking care of the elders of the church.  LifeSafety365 offer training courses and services that can meet the needs of your staff and the members. 


CPR AED or Basic First Aid CPR AED Course is a classroom, Instructor-led course designed to prepare students to provide CPR and use an automated external defibrillator (AED) use in a safe, timely, and effective manner. A Blended online and classroom course is offered as well.  Upon successful completion of the course, including a first aid skills demonstration and a CPR and AED skills test, students will receive a First Aid and/or CPR AED course completion card, which is valid for two years.  GET CERTIFIED.


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Send us your contact information to request an onsite group certification training for your faculty.

  LifeSafety365 Community Workshops  

LifeSafety365, LLC offers free workshops to community centers and organizations in an effort to prepare the community to respond to traumatic events through our LifeSafety365 Community Workshops.  Hands-only CPR and STOP THE BLEED® are 2 safety programs we have adopted to bring the community basic life-saving skills.  

Hands-only CPR
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Do you know what to do when someone suddenly collapses? >>>>

Hands-Only CPR is a simplified form of CPR using only chest compressions (no mouth-to-mouth breaths). Chest compression-only CPR has been shown to be as effective as regular CPR. For those who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital, the chance of survival is less than 10 percent. Brain damage can occur in four minutes and for every minute without CPR, the chance of survival goes down by 10 percent.

The goal is a simple one: to save as many lives as possible. The Hands-Only CPR is 45-90 minutes safety workshop designed for anyone who desires potentially life-saving hands-on practical experience in chest compression-only CPR.  We also instruct participants on how to administer naloxone to a potential opioid overdose victim.


This safety workshop is a positive educational experience designed for anyone who desires to learn this potentially life-saving skill; children attending school, family members and friends, or members of our local, education, business, or religious communities. Thousands of people have already participated in Hands-Only CPR training.



Did you know a person can bleed to death in as little as 3 minutes?  When medical care may be delayed, an immediate responder, a person like you who is nearby when life-threatening bleeding occurs, can make a difference in a person's chance of survival.  Through our STOP THE BLEED® course, you’ll gain the ability to recognize life-threatening bleeding and intervene effectively.  LifeSafety365 is a certified training center that’s permitted to teach The American College of Surgeons STOP THE BLEED® program.  Visit us on our Facebook page for information on the next workshop we may be hosting in the community or contact us to partner up on hosting a LifeSafety Community Workshop.

Send us your contact information to learn more about hosting a safety workshop for your congregation and the community you serve.

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Active Violence Emergency Response Training

While all houses of worship and organizations should have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place that provides guidelines for dealing with an active shooter, there is no substitute for having live scenario experience in knowing what to do and how to quickly follow your EAP. Training your church leaders and volunteers to respond to an active shooter situation in the right way is what we do here at LifeSafety365.

Our AVERT training courses focus on giving your people the ability to respond correctly and take actions that will save lives.  In an active violence scenario, acting fast and taking the right steps can save lives. With AVERT, everyone who receives training in your church will know exactly how to react.  Knowing exactly how to respond in an emergency situation is not always as easy as it might sound. The right techniques and an understanding of how to escape and evade harm, while also protecting others is what we offer through our training courses.

Send us your contact information to learn about preparing your church leaders and faculty to anticipate potential violence and react quickly in life-threatening situations.

Other Products and Services

We are more than a training service, we are an emergency response provider.  We provide products, equipment and solutions that allow first responder to be prepared to respond to life-threatening emergency incidents. 


Emergency Response Equipment

LifeSafety365 Online Store has an array of First Aid equipment and supplies for most emergency response needs whether it be individual first aid kits (ifak) or first responders’ kits for natural disasters or trauma.


AED Acquisition & Inspections

If a person drops of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), an AED can be used until emergency medical services arrive.  With SCA, time is a crucial factor.  For every minute without getting defibrillation or high-quality CPR, the chances for survival decrease 7 to 10%.  We'll assist with acquiring a unit that fits your environment best. 

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Emergency Communication Systems

We offer a variety of school communication solutions to provide enhanced safety and improved efficiency.  These wireless solutions include wireless paging, two-way intercom communications, emergency notification, overhead paging, public address messaging, and break bell systems.

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