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Who We Service

LifeSafety365 mission and objective are to train everyday citizens and industry professionals with the skills and knowledge to be prepared to respond to life-threatening emergencies with life-saving skills 365 days a year.  Whether the need is first aid, CPR, to stop traumatic bleeding, or active shooter response. 


LifeSafety365 is an emergency care and response training provider.  We administer onsite instructor-led certification courses and workshops at locations convenient to our customers.  We come to you.   We instruct health and safety certification and FREE community workshops throughout the Chicagoland area in underserved communities.  Our training locations allow industry professionals and our adopted neighbors to acquire or brush up on their life-saving skills or certification. 


Today's environment poses so many opportunities for unexpected dangers, injuries, and threats we don't get the luxury of determining when and where it's best to occur... even less, whom it should happen to.  Did you know after a severe injury a person can bleed to death in as little as 3 minutes?    A person suffering from sudden cardiac arrest only has limited time for survival before advance care arrives.  So it's imperative for all persons to know CPR, how to apply AED pads, assess basic first aid needs, or how to respond... READ MORE...


Make sure your place of worship is ready to handle life-threatening events. It is important to take steps to prepare for the potential of such incidents in order to ensure the safety of your staff, volunteers, and congregation at all times.   While all churches, businesses, and organizations should have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) in place that provides guidelines for dealing with emergency incidents, there is no substitute for having live scenario experience in knowing what to do and how to quickly follow your EAP.   READ MORE....


Today's environment poses so many opportunities for unexpected dangers, injuries, and threats we don't get the luxury of determining when and where it's best to occur... even less, whom it should happen to. 

LifeSafety365 offers several programs and services that will allow you and your faculty or school to be prepared for the unknown.  All training scenarios for skills tests are customized to reflect your environment where .... READ MORE...


Corporations are responsible to ensure a safe work environment for the business and their workforce, it’s important to include preparation for active shooter situations. LifeSafety365 specialized training programs, services, and first aid equipment resources give your team the knowledge they need to be able to respond if the unimaginable ever happens.  What responsible commercial facility goes without having an accessible AED to the public and its employees these days... almost none. READ MORE...

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are required to obtain and/or maintain a Basic Life Support provider CPR certification.  It’s an industry standard we look forward to helping healthcare professionals in the Chicago area have easy access placing ourselves in areas lacking training centers.  To book a AHA BLS Provider CPR course with us READ MORE>>>

Other Products and Services

We are more than a training service, we are an emergency response provider.  We provide products, equipment and solutions that allow first responder to be prepared to respond to life-threatening emergency incidents. 


Emergency Response Equipment

LifeSafety365 Online Store has an array of First Aid equipment and supplies for most emergency response needs whether it be individual first aid kits (ifak) or first responders’ kits for natural disasters or trauma.


AED Acquisition & Inspections

If a person drops of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), an AED can be used until emergency medical services arrive.  With SCA, time is a crucial factor.  For every minute without getting defibrillation or high-quality CPR, the chances for survival decrease 7 to 10%.  We'll assist with acquiring a unit that fits your environment best. 

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Emergency Communication Systems

We offer a variety of school communication solutions to provide enhanced safety and improved efficiency.  These wireless solutions include wireless paging, two-way intercom communications, emergency notification, overhead paging, public address messaging, and break bell systems.

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