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LifeSafety365 has you covered with a wide range of AEDs to choose from. Whether you need one for your home, community center, school, house of worship or workplace.


Take a look at our selection new and pre-owned AEDs.  You can find more options and AED accessories at our ONLINE STORE.


Download our Compare Sheet to find the perfect fit for your needs as well as lifetime cost. 

New AED Package Deals

Pre-Owned/Refurbished AEDs

We know the importance of access to quality and affordable solutions to improve the placement of AEDs in public and professional spaces.  Our Encore Series AEDs are pre-owned AED defibrillators are devices our customers traded-in for new AEDs.  The refurbished AEDs has gone through a rigorous, multi-point inspection process and feature an industry-leading four-year warranty.  The refurbished AEDs are meticulously cleaned, 12-point checklist tested and accessorized with NEW factory batteries and electrodes. 
We offer a 30-day, no-exception return policy, so you can purchase with confidence. If your Encore Series AED fails at any time during the 4-year warranty period, we'll replace it.

It's a lot of life left in the Encores Series AEDs.  These AEDs deserve to be out in the public, accessible, and rescue-ready to save a life. These budget-friendly defibrillator options are a perfect fit as an AED for home, outlander, or an organization with a tight budget.

Place an AED. Save money. Be a hero!

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