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LifeSafety365 LLC mission and objective are to train ordinary citizens, healthcare providers, and public safety professionals with the tools and knowledge to be prepared to respond to life-saving emergencies 365 days of the year, whether the need is CPR, basic first aid to stop the bleed techniques and responding to active violence situations. 

LifeSafety365 is an emergency response training service that administers training sessions or workshops onsite at locations convenient to our customers.  Locally, we've partnered with community organizations throughout the west and south sides of Chicago to instruct safety workshops and certification courses to citizens, and industry professionals. LS365 Instructors lead certification courses using the American Heart Association's, American Red Cross’s, and American Safety and Health Institution's research-proven Practice-While-Watching (PWW) techniques and guidelines. 


We maintain the following certifications and authorizations with…


We offer engaging and informative training with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to accommodate any size group, very competitive prices, flexible scheduling in our location or yours, and excellent customer service. LifeSafety365 can work with you to customize training courses that work with your safety association’s guidelines and safety concerns per work environment.

We hope our students never have to use these life-saving skills, but if they do, we are confident LifeSafety365 students are prepared to respond 365!

Our Knowledge

LifeSafety365 operates with integrity, professionalism, and passion, recommending the best solutions for emergency response preparedness.  We have your best interests at heart and can help you make the right decisions for all your training and equipment needs. We have a dependable team who can take care of issues when they do arise. By partnering with LifeSafety365, you can rest assured that there is a team of experts with the knowledge and experience required to assist you with whatever training solution you’re looking for. We hire, develop, and affiliate with professional instructors and industry experts who are passionate about the delivery of emergency care and response training to our customers. 

Alvin Hargrove

CEO | Principal Instructor

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Certified to Instruct (ARC, AHA, ASHI, HSI):

BLS Provider


CPR AED Basic First Aid

Pediatric First Aid CPR

AVERT, Active Violence Response Training


Alvin Hargrove is the owner and principal instructor of LifeSafety365 LLC.  He has been a certified BLS instructor in association with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) for over 15 years, certifying public safety professionals in CPR AED and Basic First Aid.  As an AVERT instructor, LifeSafety365 has incorporated the dynamic Active Shooter response training program within the arsenal of public safety courses.

Alvin delivers an energetic and informative curriculum and/or presentation that's impactful and informative.  Alvin's passion for teaching, informing and instructing CPR and life-saving skills stems from both personal and professional experiences.  He's experienced the loss of a child who drowned at a community pool in which no one deployed any life-saving response. And then there have been multiple events where security persons Alvin trained had to deploy the life-saving skills he certified them to perform.  Today, Alvin has learned to appreciate providing life-saving skills is a responsible yet a rewarding service to the health and well-being of communities and workplaces. 

Demeatrice Baughns
COO | Training Coordinator

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Demeatrice Baughns is a co-owner of LifeSafety365.  Demeatrice has over 5 years in public safety from the security professional industry.  In her role as a Security Operations Manager, she was responsible for continuous training of diverse personalities with different learning and communication styles.  She developed and trained personnel in the areas of Customer Service, emergency response to medical and fire emergencies, and public safety awareness.


She had many duties and responsibilities that required team training and development as well as talent acquisition.  From working in this capacity, Demeatrice was able to discover her passion for training.   Demeatrice discovered she had a natural talent for increasing the work performance of team members by translating work instructions in a tangible and productive manner.  A natural leader and teacher.

Those skills set has provided much-needed efficiencies in communication with our students and clients.  Demeatrice is responsible for training coordination, instructor affiliation, and social media engagement.

Certified to Instruct (ARC, AHA, ASHI):

BLS Provider


CPR AED & Basic First Aid

Pediatric First Aid CPR

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Training Locations
Chicago - Austin Community

Bethel New Life

1150 N Lamon Ave

Chicago, IL 60651

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​“On behalf of the 500 W. Madison Security Team, I just wanted to thank you for conducting a great training session. All of the officers have commented on what a great job you did. Usually, the officer loses interest but your humor and interactive style kept us engaged. If this is any indication your business will be a huge success.”

Security Officer George Ward

March 2020​

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