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Are Your AEDs Tested, Maintained, and Ready to Save Lives?

When in standby (i.e., the battery is installed), the AED performs many maintenance activities itself. These include daily weekly, and monthly self-tests of respectively increasing detail to help verify readiness for use. The defibrillator's extensive automatic self-test features eliminate the need for any manual test, calibration, or energy verification.


How Often Does an AED Need to Be Inspected?

The frequency at which an AED needs to be inspected can vary depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations and local regulations. In general, AED manufacturers are likely to recommend the following frequency for these inspections. 

  • Daily,check the status indicator to verify that the device has passed its latest self-test and is therefore ready for use.

  • Monthly, check supplies and accessories for damage and expiration dating.

This recommendation is intended to address a wide range of user situations. Inspection at different frequency intervals may be appropriate, depending upon the environment in which the defibrillator is used.  It’s also important to keep the AED in a secure and accessible location.


It’s recommended to do an annual inspection by a qualified professional, which includes a more thorough check of the device including all the electrical and mechanical components.

AED Inspection Services includes...

Keeping track of each AED in your workplace and managing inspection and testing requirements can be challenging. It can be hard to remember where each device is located and when it was last inspected. Documenting and reporting on inspection dates and results can also be tedious. In general, the most effective way to successfully execute an AED inspection program is through Onsite Inspections with an AED Managment Plan such as AED365


LifeSafety365 AED Inspection Services include the following checks...

  • In-person visual inspection

  • Loaner AED

  • AED recall notifications

  • AED serial & accessory tracking (pads and batteries)

  • Discount on replacement/accessories

  • Additional fees may apply if expired product(s) are found during initial inspection.

  • Software update checks.

  • Expiring accessory reminders sent 60 days & 30 days prior to expiration.

  • Group Discount on Onsite CPR AED and/or First Aid CPR AED certification service.


AED Onsite Inspection Checklist

Performing a periodic visual inspection of the AED, which is not limited to the following:
  • Checking the unit for flashing status indicator, or the flashing Rescue-Ready light.

  • Checking inventory of supplies, accessories, and spares for damage.

  • Checking and recording expiration dates of electrode pads and battery.

  • Checking and cleaning the device, cabinet, and accessories for obvious signs of dirt, contamination, or physical damage.

  • Check the AED’s case or carrying bag to ensure it is in good condition and properly secured.

  • AED Status reports provided to contact partner throughout lifetime of service agreement.

  • Additional fees will apply if expired/damaged product(s) are found during initial inspection. 

  • Record the date and result of the inspection.

The Utlimate Solution for managing your AED program includes...

AED365 is the ultimate solution for managing your AED program. With real-time location tracking, medical direction at your fingertips, and exceptional customer service, you can rest assured that your program is always ready to respond in case of an emergency. Our sole focus is to keep your AED program alive, and we are committed to providing you with the best tools and support to ensure compliance, tracking, and overall readiness.

AED Inspections

Always be prepared to save a life! Scan to inspect your AEDs and ensure they are in working order. Let the app do the work for you.

Barcode Scanning

Checking the status of your AED is easy! Just scan to preview an AEDs inspection history & status, expiration dates, and more.

Mobile APP

Manage your AEDs straight from your mobile device! Receive push notifications on your iOS device about upcoming inspections and expired parts.

Web Portal

AED365's online dashboard provides real-time oversight of your entire AED program. Download reports, review the library, and receive alerts.

AED365 offers Basic and Pro plans for one or multi-year options.  The PRO plan has a whopping 33 features which includes all 20 of the BASIC plan features PLUS medical direction, prescriptions, loaners AEDs, and a lot more!
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