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Wireless Emergency Notification Systems

The Visiplex AlertWave™ Wireless Emergency Notification System helps you reach people across your facility during emergencies. Providing instant audio/visual alerts and mass notification messaging, this system helps keep everyone safe, protected, and informed.

The AlertWave system offers a variety of emergency alert options, ranging from a simple panic button to a desktop base station supporting thousands of wireless PA speakers, beacon lights, and LED message boards with text messaging capabilities.

This emergency alert system is ideal for commercial facilities looking for instant public alerts during severe weather, active shooter, and other emergencies.

Advanced Wireless Emergency Notification System

The AlertWave Emergency Notification System offers, in addition to wireless voice paging, many additional features, such as SMS text notifications, public visual alerts, text messaging to LED message boards, automated emergency alerts, and more. In addition, this system can monitor multiple wireless panic buttons to initiate a facility-wide, audio-visual emergency alert during duress situations such as severe weather, active shooter situation, natural disasters, or acts of terror.

Direct Wireless Emergency Alert System

Visiplex offers a variety of wireless panic buttons designed to initiate emergency alerts, activate an audio-visual event, or send a detailed message to LED message boards. These panic buttons are offered as a fixed, wall-mounted device or wearable pendant or belt clip device.

Please fill out the DEMO request form so that a Visiplex representative can reach out to you to schedule an online video conferencing session. You will be able to see the products ‘live in action’ and be presented with all possible system configurations to match your specific needs.

The main advantages of the Visiplex AlertWave™ system:

Visiplex’s AlertWave™ is the premier solution for wireless emergency notification system applications that provides an effective means of audible and visual alerts for virtually any facility, regardless of size. This emergency notification system eliminates the need to rely on costly outside, subscriber-based services that may still operate by slow and ineffective phone, text or e-mail technologies.

In an emergency, such as severe weather, natural disasters, civil emergencies, or acts of terror, an emergency notification system is a must. College campuses, schools, commercial plants, industrial complexes, residential communities, and government facilities all demand the ability to communicate with the masses. Through instant, well-directed live, or pre-recorded voice messages, the AlertWave™ mass notification system instructs people on how to react to various emergencies.

When compared to other emergency notification technologies, the main advantages of the AlertWave system are:

Wireless Design – The AlertWave system is entirely wireless compared to wired solutions. This makes it easy and cost-effective to install, expand, and relocate speakers, LED message boards, beacon lights, and more. Based on one central transmitter, the system can provide an effective means of audible and visual notification for virtually any facility, regardless of size.

Zone-Specific Alerts – The most significant disadvantage of emergency notification systems based on email, text, or phone alerts is the inability to instantly alert everyone in a specific area/zone and instruct them what to do. In addition, these types of systems are based on a subscriber database, meaning people on site that are not in the database, without their phones, have muted phones, or have no reception – could not be notified. The AlertWave system is capable of issuing audio-visual alerts to any indoor/outdoor specific area, zone, room, floor, or building, telling only those who need to be alerted and instructing them what to do based on their location.

Live Voice Announcements – Emergency notification solutions based on a text, email, phone, or local Fire Alarm system cannot provide live voice announcements regarding emergencies to keep people updated during and after the emergency event. The AlertWave system allows administrators to make a live voice announcement from the base station microphone or over the phone, telling people what just happened and providing real-time updates.

Remote Device Supervision – Emergency notification systems that use IP networks, wired speakers, or a local fire alarm system can’t provide the real-time status of each speaker, LED message board, beacon light, and more. Scheduled routine tests are lengthy and require dedicated staff members, resulting in high maintenance costs. The AlertWave system offers a unique supervision feature for its wireless speakers, message boards, and beacon lights. From the base station, an administrator can find out the current status of each remote device or generate a daily status report for all devices located on-site.

System Expansion & Device Relocation – The AlertWave system is based on a modular design, where remote devices such as wireless PA speakers, LED message boards, beacon lights, and more can be installed or relocated individually. These units only require an AC outlet, POE, or solar power. Expanding the system is simple, allowing you to add more wireless devices to provide full coverage throughout the facility, regardless of size.

Voice Intelligibility – Most emergency notification systems based on IP, fire alarms, or high-power outdoor speakers, offer very poor voice intelligibility. This is due to poor network performance (IP-based), limited speaker size (IP & fire alarm speakers), or over-driven audio (outdoor high-power speakers). The AlertWave system speakers are designed to provide the right level of audio for the specific area they are installed, providing even distribution of voice messages with minimal distortion.

Connectivity & Power Backup – Emergency notification systems must keep operating during power outages, network downtime, and cell tower overload. The AlertWave system uses a certified, user-dedicated, FCC-approved RF band for minimal interference and reliable communication. This allows the system to be independent of wired or wireless network connections. Visiplex wireless PA speakers, LED message boards, and more are offered with a built-in power backup option to provide many hours of operation during a power outage.

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