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Tourniquet Gunshot Wound Packing Trainer

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Brand: MedEduQuest

MedEduQuest Columnar Gunshot Wound(GSW) Packing Task Trainer/Simulator is affordable and realistic for emergency training and the simulation patient program. Shown is a realistic bullet wound with bleeding function caused by a large gun caliber, ideal for training the Wound Packing procedure. The Simulator is made of a high quality and very durable silicone that simulate human skin and tissue. Common hemostatic wound pads can be used. The simulator aslo provides suture practice training.

  • High Realism Wound Model: This basic wound packing trainer is a high-wound simulation. This exit wound simulator imitates a real person’s wound. Injecting some simulated blood into the trainer will give you a more realistic experience when training.
  • Attachable Design: The wound packing trainer can be attached to tiled walls, smooth glass, and cabinets. You can practice different angles of wound dressing, just like dealing with wounds in different positions on the human body.
  • Safe and High Quality: This dry wound packing task trainer is latex-free. Made of safe and environmentally friendly material. No fear of allergies. It comes with gauze, a complete set for your training. The highly simulated wound dressing model makes you feel like practicing on real people.
  • Durable & Reusable: Stop the bleed kit is very durable and can be used repeatedly. It is great for you to do repetitive hemostatic training. You can clean it with a wet cloth after use. Then put it back in the bottle, which will keep it looking new for a long time.
  • Wound Packing Task Trainer: This bleed control tourniquet trainer suits medical students and professors. It is an ideal teaching model for emergency medical technician courses, emergency medical responder courses, and tactical medic training courses, a perfect tool for teaching demonstration, and suitable for basic hemostasis courses.

The package contains:
· 1 Wound Packing Simulator
· 1 31.5 inches tube
· 1 Absorbent Cloth
· 40g Artificial blood powder, makes 9.6 Liter of blood simulant
· 1 Empty 1.2Liter mixing/storage blood simulant bag
· 4 Packs of 10ft(7.5cm*3m), compression hemostatic gauze
· 1 Pair of plastic gloves
· 1 Instructions for use and 1 warranty card
· 1 Carrying case

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