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Leg Laceration Packing Trainer Kit, Tactical Box

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Product Details
Brand: MedEduQuest

MedEduQuest Laceration Wound Leg Packing Task Trainers are an excellent way to provide affordable, realistic and repetitive training in large caliber laceration wound packing and the use of advanced hemostatic gauzes.

The simulated task trainer is ideal for introducing and reinforcing techniques including wound packing, compression bandages, and tourniquet application for hemorrhage control. It can be used as a dry trainer or in conjunction with blood simulant for a realistic training experience.

The task trainers have very realistic outer anatomy and wound beds with hidden bleed points. A laceration or stab wound beds are available.

The task trainers are made from sturdy silicone, require no batteries or external power, have no moving parts and can be used over and over again for thousands of wound packing events. A reinforced tubing mount prevents pullout of the tubing. A one-way valve ensures that the MedEduQuest Blood Simulant does not back flow into the 1.2 liter squeeze bottle during use. MedEduQuest Blood Simulant will wash easily from the trainer with water even if the blood simulant has dried.

The package contains:
· 1 Wound Packing Simulator
· 1 31.5 inches tube with 1 one-way valve
· 1 Absorbent Cloth
· 40g Artificial blood powder, makes 9.6 Liter of blood simulant
· 1 Empty 1.2Liter mixing/storage blood simulant bottle
· 4 Packs of 10ft(7.5cm*3m), compression hemostatic gauze
· 1 Pair of plastic gloves
· 1 Instructions for use and 1 warranty card
· 1 Carrying case

Note: Due to the manual manufacturing process, there may be variations in the appearance and color intensity of the simulated blood on the wounds compared to the displayed images. Please note the potential differences.

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