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With the partnership as a Training Center with HSI, LifeSafety365 can nationally offer CPR AED FIrst Aid course instructions and certifications through the Remote Skills Verification program.

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What is RSV?

RSV is a fully integrated portal that delivers remote hands-on skills verification with blended training options, available 24-7 through HSI's live streaming video platform.  RSV gives LifeSafety365 the freedom to offer blended training with live, online remote skills verification.


With RSV, students benefit from real-time feedback and guidance from instructors to correctly demonstrate the required skills for complete certification. RSV is virtual, remote, and handled entirely through HSI's Otis 3.0 platform.  

How RSV Works

The students will receive an email to the e-learning portion of the course to complete prior to the hands-on skills verification


The student will have the opportunity to complete the e-learning at their pace and time


The student will have access to the portal to view instructors' availability to schedule the RSV portion of the certification.   


Students should schedule RSV at least 10 days before the date they would like to take the hands-on skills verification. 


LifeSafety365 will ensure the needed training materials are sent directly to the student (with a return label) prior to the skills verification.  

  • Manikin(s)

  • CPR Mask

  • Manikin lungs

  • PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

  • Cleaning materials

Upon successfully completing both the e-learning and remote skills verification, and return of the training materials the student will receive a digital certification letter/card that can be forwarded and/or printed as the student wishes.   

HSI Streaming Service

Otis 3.0 Platform

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